Last night my madre made ‘Asparagus with chorizo and croutons‘ from Smitten Kitchen, and although I didn’t participate in the making of the dinner, it was so good I deemed it blog-worthy.

DinnerThe only thing different in our version was the cranberry beans, which were replaced with white beans. It was an odd dish, in that one would expect it to be more on the soupy side of things and on top of rice or something along those lines, but it was more of a stand-alone deal. The only issue with the dish was the croutons, because they soaked up a little too much stuff and got too moist, but I think that could be remedied with crustier bread, like ciabatta, or pre-made croutons.


And my everyone likes caprese salad, so it’s a common side in our house. We had it with these really good little baby tomatoes this time, which liked in particular because they weren’t squishy at all! I’m one of those people who only likes the hard parts of tomatoes and hates the liquid/seed bits. And these tomatoes had a high firm to squish ratio. Yum.