I always stay up far too late, and at about two (or sometimes even three), I realize that I am quite tired and then ask myself, “Anne, why are you still up, you idiot?” To which I can only answer, I was watching old OC episodes, inexplicably unable to tear myself away. Anyways (Yes, this does have something to do with food), after this littler internal monologue, I always begin to feel rather peckish (and I also begin to feel the need to sound British, apparently). I think the hunger is due to breakfast being in only a few hours, so I guess I could just wait until after sunrise to eat, but it’s impossible to sleep hungry, we all know that. So tonight, after my two o’clock why-are-you-up revelation, I wandered again to the kitchen. Late night snacks are tricky, for multiple reasons. First of all, they absolutely must be quick and simple. Straight out of the box–or better yet, the fridge–is best. Second, they have to be quiet foods. Unless you live alone, in which case, go ahead and microwave with wild abandon. Lastly, they have to be just satisfying enough that you can sleep happy, but not so satisfying that you can’t sleep for guilt and fear of the treadmill tomorrow.

And tonight, I discovered the perfect snack.

But first, a tiny bit of background. My best friend in the whole wide world is leaving for college on Monday. …Tomorrow! Eeek! So, in preparation for the sadness of that day, and as a remedy for the pre-sadness I’ve been experiencing the past week, I’ve been what is oft referred to as “power-feeding.” Lauren (the college-bound) noted, “Yes, I don’t think I’ve seen you not chewing for the past few days.” As I sat at her kitchen counter debating between Oreos and a banana, settling on both after her comment, deciding to stick with the trend.

Needless to say, this late night snack needed to be the late night snack of ALL late night snacks. SO, here’s your recipe:

-1 slice of white bread (must be bakery bread, none of this Sarah Lee business)

-1 best frend moving to the ends of the earth (…Utah.)

-Bonne Maman (best jam brand. well, second only to Hero) blueberry preserves

-A pinch of separation anxiety, abandonment fears to taste

Now, I thought this was perfect LNS (late night snack, LNS is the technical term), bread and jam, easy. Carbs, sugar, everything you need. But there was definitely something missing after my first bite. The whole power-feeding thing has really gotten me back in tune with my sugar-hound side, so of course my first thought as to an addition was sugar. But my abandonment issues required something more.

Which only leaves one option. Cinnamon sugar.

And. It turns out. Cinnamon sugar and blueberry jam are a match made in LNS heaven. The best snack I could imagine. Delicious. Deeply satisfying.

Only I’ve just realized it’s now even later, and I’ve had to ask once again, “Anne, what are you doing up?”