One of my ballet dancer friends Genia is going to the University of Washington, so to use up some of my remaining summer days I decided to go and visit her in Seattle. I drove to our local two-gate airport absurdly early this morning, then after an hour nap found myself at the much larger Sea-Tac airport. Genia, the marvelous little hostess that she is, greeted me after my battle with public transportation with a perfect soy mocha and a pain au chocolate.

Trophy Cupcakes

After dropping of my bags at her cute little apartment we went off to wander around the shopping centers and such in the U Village. I had seen Trophy Cupcakes online earlier and was desperate to go, so we stopped by the charming little bakery/party supply store after trying on every cardigan in J. Crew and looking at all the bags at Coach. The shop has just a tiny little storefront, wedged between two mom-clothes stores, but the almost-Tiffany blue awning and interior sucks you right in. All the cupcakes looked SO GOOD.

I was initially drawn to the chocolate cupcakes, my favorite, but I decided to go wild and get a lemonade cupcake instead. The frosting was so, so, so delicious. Just lemoney enough.

Pink Lemonade Cupcake

I hate the grocery-store bakery cupcake frosting that tastes mostly like old powdered sugar with a hint of preservative and spray paint, but this cupcake frosting was unbelievably light. And so pretty too!

The actual cupcake tasted almost exactly like a vanilla cupcake I had a few weeks ago at David Burke at Bloomingdales in New York. Almost like pound cake. In fact, very nearly pound cake. Not your run of the mill fluffy, dry little cupcake. This cupcake had heft. And it was delicious.

I also got a mini chocolate cupcake to satiate the whole chocolate craving, but the peanut butter frosting wasn’t my favorite. Genia got two minis; chocolate with vanilla frosting and double chocolate. I didn’t try either, but they got rave reviews from G.

LovelyThe chocolate cupcakes were much lighter than the vanilla ones, which I think I like a little better. All the cupcakes were delicious though, and so lovely looking it was hard to wreck them!

I’ve definitely been infected with this whole national cupcake craze.

And I just realized I said “little” an absurd amount of times in this post. But I suppose that’s appropriate, seeing as cupcakes are little baby cakes after all.