A rather touristy place, complete with Mariner-hat clad swarms pointing at dead fish and at least as many photographers as merchants, but nonetheless a very cool spot. I think if I lived in Seattle, anywhere even remotely near the market, I would subsist entirely on produce. Everything looks so appetizing, the first day I went I kind of just wandered around staring at fruit like a loony. Clearly I couldn’t even resist taking pictures of the fruit and such, so needless to say I went back to Genia’s apartment with bags full of nectarines and snap peas. I kept sneaking peas on the no-food-allowed bus, then I dropped one and got a horrifically dirty look from the driver and had to cease and desist with the snacking. The next time I went to the market I got the shiniest, reddest strawberries that ever lived, half of which were consumed on the bus as well. On my last day I made Genia walk through the market once more, this time stocking up on Beecher’s cheese and the famous Market Spice tea. It was raining (insert Seattle rain joke here) so we wandered back and forth for some time, munching on a Nutella crepe and feeling quite content among the fresh fish and flowers.