I’m leaving for Indonesia tomorrow, and I’ve discovered one of the perks of leaving home is that the few days before departure your lovely mother makes you your favorite dinners. Tonight (my last night!) we had maque choux–which is my absolute favorite and will be blogged later–and last night we had homemade pizza. We’ve actually never made homemade pizza (homemade meaning homemade crust and sauce and all) but I’ve seen it a lot in my blog-reading endeavors and wanted to try it. My mom agreed and made some pizza dough in her trusty breadmaker. She also made sauce from scratch, which was delicious. And my dad documented with his new camera. So this blog entry is a bit of a family affair. Honestly all I really had to do with anything was choosing toppings and then eating far too much delectable pizza.

Pizza Dough

I did help stretch out dough though. Harder than you’d think!


My pizza had mozzarella, parmesan, sausage, onions, and fresh tomatoes.

Mom’s had pretty much everything mine did plus artichoke hearts and olives.

Landscape of pizza, as Dad called it.