I have really been slacking on the blog! Ah! I pinkie promise to do better. I’m making cookies tomorrow, so that’ll surely be a blog-able event. Anyway.

We went to Sambolo, this cool little beach about 3 hours away from Jakarta for the weekend, which was really fun! I pretty much laid around and read and got massages. It was rough.

Before we left, Kate made a delish lasagna from “Jamie’s Dinners” cookbook which was different from your run-of-the-mill lasagna mainly in that it had squash in it! Yummy! I cut up and peeled the squash, then we poured olive oil all over the slices, then added salt and pepper and this tasty tasty African spice Kate uses.

When the squash was done roasting in the oven, we obviously had to try some, and oh goodness. So so good. All kinda crispy and squish and salty and sweet and just glorious.Then the squash and its other delicious lasagna component pals got put in a dish and baked for quite some time, then taken to the beach, then eaten by the tortured souls who had to sit in the car smelling it’s deliciousosity for hours.

Veggies yay!

The beach at Sambolo