There’s a Hero Supermarket a few blocks from our house, so whenever we need something it’s just a quick walk/bike down.

On the way I often see:


This cute little guy! It’s kind of sad though, because he rubs his wee tummy and holds out his tiny hands for food.

goldfish man

You can get a wide, wide, variety of things from carts on the road. Even goldfish!


And somewhat questionable vegetables.


And I always go by the lovely flower stands that have piles and piles of orchids and lilies and other really nifty flowers. It’s odd to see orchids cut and in such huge bunches, usually they’re scrawny little one branch plants in pots inside. But they’re better this way, I think.

unidentified floral object

And they have got some odd “flowers” sometimes.

So going to the grocery store can be quite exciting. And this is only the walk there, once inside there’s a whole ‘nother posts worth of weirdy cool stuff.