Continuing with the trend of finding good good food to make up for the weeks of hard boiled eggs and rice, the five of us (Jackie Bari Chelsie Nicole and I) made a long(-er than expected) trek from our hotel in Legian to a restaurant in Seminyak; Ku De Ta. We looked at the menu online weeks ago, fueling the food daydreaming with the prospect of ricotta hot cakes and eggs benny. Thinking the restaurant was a 15 minute walk from the hotel, we started out around 9–already hungry–only to discover it was more like a 45++ minute walk. Each person I asked for directions along the way gave us a longer answer, beginning with, “Oh, just one kilometer,” to “(Look of incredulity) Ku De Ta? Five kilometers, get a taxi.” But we kept hiking along through the hot black sand and finally we saw the recognizable red umbrellas from the website, beckoning us on.

DSC03197We began with really yummy lattes, something none of us had seen in weeks. We all wanted everything on the menu, so we ordered the muesli and ricotta pancakes to share. The muesli was really really yummy, very yogurty, closer to the consistency of oatmeal than cereal & milk. Plus it had strawberries and peaches, always a plus. I was a huge fan of the ricotta pancakes (topped with fabby strawberries as well) but everyone else thought they were just plain ol’ “good.” (Correction, Chelsie loved them too.) Came with blueberry stuff too, yum. Apart from those two dishes, we all ordered various egg deals; Nicole and I huevos rancheros, Chelsie a feta, basil, and tomato omelette with awesome Turkish bread, and Jackie and Bari poached eggs on toast with mushrooms and smoked salmon. And those huevos deserve a little paragraph of their own. Anatomy of Ku De Ta huevos rancheros, from the bottom up: crispy tostada, red beans, perfectly fried egg, creamy avocado, sour cream, spicy salsa sauce, and topped with the ever-present frivolously pretty sprig of greenery. I like dishes where you can craft perfect little bites, and this is the ultimate in that category. Breakfast entertainment, getting a little taste of every component in each bite. Only improvement that could have possibly been made was… spicier. Delicious though. (And yes, we know we’re a little crazy for all ordering eggs after weeks of only eggs. Happens.)


The muesli. I may be converting to the muesli breakfast club.


Ricotta pancakes with big yummy strawberries.


Huevos rancheros! Huevos yumeros!


Jackie and Bari’s salmon etc.