DSC03166It’s a little weird and non-lesson-learned-ish to rush out in search of panini makers after just finishing two weeks working on a homes for impoverished people, but well? We earned a non-hard boiled egg meal? On our way back to the Denpasar area the group stopped in Ubud, a cool artsy inland city, for lunch and we were all free to wander and feed ourselves. The gang and I wandered down what seemed like the popular street and soon found Cinta Grill, where we were drawn in by the menu’s promise of paninis. I started off with a “Ginger Fizz,” a ginger-lemongrass combo which albeit tasty, was devoidDSC03167 of any fizz. For an app we ordered the guacamole with chips, which was perfecly light and cilanro-y, just the way I like it. We all got grilled vegetable salads which consisted of nice mixed greens topped with grilled zucchini, eggplant, and red pepper. Chelsie and I also got paninis; she the classic tomato mozzarella combo, me poached chicken and caramelized onions. We were all rather pleased with our first non-ricey meal, and got back on the hot bus very satisfied.




That night, our last night with the whole team, we went to the sushi restaurant in the lobby of our hotel in Legian. Nicole and I ordered the quintessential edamame, tuna tekkadon, a salmon roll topped with avocado, and gyoza. The edamame was edamame, the tekkadon was excellent, the rolls were good but rice heavy, and the gyoza were yummy. Plus, the gyoza came with a teeny little bowl of sliced green chilies, which we quickly finished and ordered more of. We both kind of went chili crazy and ate them all, topping little bites of rice with the deliciously hot chilies. Regret soon followed as our mouths turned to unstoppable fire.



The now infamously good/intense chilies.DSC03192Jakie’s handiwork. Sushi, abstract stylie.