After our lovely Ku De Ta breakfast experience we were all left wanting exactly what we ate there. So we got the ingredients for muesli and huevos rancheros and set out on our own to re-create.

And both turned out marvelously!


Muesli is easy, just mix it up with yogurt and milk and let it sit in the fridge. Huevos are a little more involved, but still pretty (really) easy. Our only issue was with the black beans. First we had to call the front desk and have them bring us a can opener. Then we couldn’t work the can opener, so someone had to come help us. Then he couldn’t work the can opener, so he had to take our cans of black beans to the restaurant kitchen. Finally we got the cans open and the beans into a pot to heat up. We put them on the first plate, which happened to be Jackies, and she nearly passed out with the first bite. SO SALTY. The beans tasted almost like canned black olives they were so salty. Inedibly salty. So we had huevos rancheros sans-beans. Delicious anyway.


Plus later we made chips out of the leftover tortillas to dip in the leftover salsa. Homemade (ish) corn chips are really good! I’ll definitely make them again. Easy too, just cup up tortillas and fry then in a little olive oil!