I am currently in which is possibly the greatest place on earth; Gili Air. A tiny island, the closest to the mainland of a trio of Gilis off Lombok. After three days in and around Ubud we took a twenty minute flight to Mataram, then a forty-five minute drive through a Vietnam War movie style valley filled with monkeys and rambutan trees, then a ten minute boat ride across a straight under the sunset. And we arrived on Gili Air. Where there are mini horses for transport, mango juice for breakfast, and nasi goreng for lunch and dinner. And happiness all-round. But at the moment I am at Gecko Cafe, which has a thatched roof and the slowest internet on earth. Although they do have internet, to my great, great surprise. Suffice to say, quick post. Here’s a picture of me eating ridiculously delicious suckling pig across from a palace in Ubud.

More words, more pictures soon.