Here’s the apology: sorry dear readers (Dad and Joan…) for being a bum blogger. One post in three weeks? Hm. I promise to be better.

Moving on. Some catch-up blogging. On our last Sunday in Jakarta, which feels so so so long ago, we went to the famous Four Seasons Brunch. Kate had told me about the epicurean splendors of the brunch, but I couldn’t begin to imagine the glory that it truly was. Pasta station, mie goreng station, Peking duck, roast beef in many different capacities, pancake station, pastries galore, sushi made to order, desserts spanning three tables, and the most amazing little foie gras station on earth. I followed Kate’s sytem of doing lots of small rounds rather than trying to pile it all on one plate. I think I went back about eight times… The best things were the pasta (I got bowties with asparagus and pesto) and the foie gras, pan fried right in front of you and scooped onto little toast squares and topped with peach sauce. Not too many pictures, too much bliss to stop and photograph.

Peking Duck! Definitely went back to this one multiple times.

Sushi! For Brunch!

Pasta bar.

Piles of plates..

And brunch number 2, Christmas brunch. Camie makes her famous coffee cake and delivers it Christmas Eve every year, really truly giving that Santa guy a run for his money. Her coffee cake is possibly the best part of Christmas. So soft, so moist, so good. So it’s a set part of breakfast on Christmas, but to round out the brunch we also made a frittata and fruit salad. Kind of inspired by my Four Seasons frittata, we made a asparagus, sun dried tomato, potato, feta frittata. And it turned out delicious, though I wasn’t crazy about the sun dried tomatoes.

(And isn’t the potato baby cute?)

Asparagus Tomato Potato Feta Frittata

Throw diced onions and butter and olive oil in your pan, brown the onions a little. Steam the sliced asparagus and tomatoes in a little pot and microwave the potato in a paper bag for a bit. Chop up the potato and add it to the pan. Add the asparagus and tomatoes. Mix the eggs and the feta in a bowl then add it to the pan. Cook until set, then put it in the oven at 350 ish until it’s puffy.

We also made fruit salad, which turned out really yummy. Apples, oranges, bananas, blood oranges, and mangoes. With this weird strawberry juice as the salad… matrix (?). The blood oranges were more tangy and interesting then the rest of the fruit and made an excellent fruit salad addition.

A blood orange and its plainer cousin.

Coming soon: Buddy does Vietnamese!