Yes, I found love. With a beautiful man cookie. MACARONS. Yes, I made them. Yes, I did , I did! I saw it on the blogs and I cooked it! (I saw it on the screen and I said it!) I have attempted them before, only to receive horrible, foot-less disappointment. But Seventeen and Baking led the way to macaron nirvana. It was a long journey: five days of egg-aging, lots of sifting, what felt like hours of egg-beating, but finally, macarons. Perfect little shiny, domed macarons. WITH FEET. You bake them twice… and the first time they came out they were foot-less, and I was heartbroken. But the second time, they had perfect, bubbly little feet and shiny, hard little tops–and I was so happy I may have done a tiny dance. 17&B’s cinnamon & cream cheese combo was good, but next time I’ll definitely try raspberry or chocolate- those are my favorite of the macaron world. The ones I made taste a bit like snickerdoodles when they’re all put together. (I just feel like I should get a little trophy or at least a T-shirt or something for successful macarons…)

To add to the glory, I got another amazing dessert in the same day; Camie’s meringues topped with ice cream and strawberries. Yum.