A few weeks ago I cut out a recipe for ginger fried rice from the NYT with full intent to make the tasty little dish, but of course, I forgot. Then I saw the same recipe on my favorite blog on earth, Smitten Kitchen, and it just had to be made. Fried rice deconstructed + ginger. What more could you ask for? Well, some protein in our case. It’s not dinner if there’s no meat. So I added boneless, skinless chicken thighs. But other than that I did exactly what Mark Bittman & SK said. I forgot to get leeks at first, and almost substituted onions, but I just couldn’t do it. Plus the grocery store is about 35 seconds away. Anyway, this recipe is a definite winner. Good with the chicken, I think maybe next time I would marinate it or something or other to make it a little more interesting, because the rice bit that the chicken got mixed into is a little plain (just rice and leeks.) But the ginger/garlic topping was so so so yummy. And fried eggs… If a dish has a fried egg, I will like it. Guaranteed. Plus, living in a spatula-less dorm-world, I’ve learned the egg flip. And I am rather proud. And kind of want to just make fried eggs all day. All in all, a very satisfying recipe. Very yummy and warm and the tiniest but feisty.