Delayed, but here you go. Anticipation makes it better and stuff.

Fes, Morocco. Let’s just say… I’d rather be there than here.

Here’s some medina scenes. Whole Foods of the developing world. REALLY whole. Like choose a live chicken and then have it for dinner whole. Like drove by the olive trees on the way into town whole. Like entire wheelbarrows full of fresh oranges whole.

[insert Anne drooling]

I have an olive obsession for those of you who don’t already know this.

Long row of butchers in one section of the medina. Lots of very intimidatingly cool/wise looking old men cutting up cows.

Literal barrels of confits. “Mom, is it legal to bring animal fats into the country?”

Some very cool fellows in an old madrasa that’s now a museum.

It snowed today. I want to be on a rooftop in Morocco.

P.S. I have no idea why I haven’t mentioned this. Anna cotta is a kitchen intern! At Nectar in downtown Moscow!! Woohoo!! It’s very lovely and fun and I’m learning a ton. (Hah, rhyme.) But it kind of deserves its own post. So more later.