This is an extremely belated post. Haven’t the foggiest idea why it’s been schlumping around in iPhoto and not on the blogaroo. But, I give you… Cafe Batavia. Old time-ish, pretty cafe in the old city bit of Jakarta. On our second to last day in Indonesia, Kate, the M & D, and I went down and wandered about the port then went to the cafe for a late lunch. It was a good day. One of those days that was just good good good, solidly good and perfect. Except the part where we were leaving, but I was 1. in denial and 2. plotting to get ‘lost’ at the airport and have to stay anyway. But Cafe Batavia. As a food blogger, I get embarrassingly excited when restaurants have good picture light. And I try to slyly choose tables by windows or lamps. And this Cafe, my friends, had grade A food light. See for yourself.

Pretty pretty sunshine.


Can’t remember who’s or what this is. Eggs Benny w/ Salmon?

At the port before lunch. We wandered around the old Dutch watchtower (cool), walked down a little street full of anchor and rope and rad other stuff stores, then made our way to the actual ship bit of the port. Lots of pretty, giant, colorful SHIPS. And we got to get on one (embark?), which is where this lovely nice guitar player was.