Before we went to David Sedaris (the wittiest writer) we went to Luna Cafe (for the loveliest dinner.) M & D had told me Luna was heavenly, but I didn’t understand just how much until I experienced it myself. Tucked in the suburb-y South Hill of Spokane, the ivy-covered outside disguises the bright and delightful inside. It has the feel of a house, a house of someone you love and want to spend every second with. Big windows let afternoon sunshine in and the tables are topped with bright little baby flowers. Blue walls are decorated with whimsical, Picasso-y art, drawn right on the paint. A second dining room feels like a sun porch, lined with big paned windows and decorated with pretty old Delft-looking blue plates. The restaurant has the feel of a little treasure box, all of someone’s favorite things arranged and enlarged.

Oh, and they serve food too. We all agonized over the menu. It’s one of those menus that can cause a person pain, picking one meal feels like picking one family member. Starving, we ordered a fritto misto– calamari, shrimp, salmon (surprising and amazing), and capers. Yep, capers, deep fried and wowdelicious. (New word.) For dinner, Mom ordered the dover sole with little scallops and shrimp, one of the specials, and Dad got braised pork over potato hash and chutney. I flip-flopped between the duck and the saffron risotto, but in the end I ordered the risotto… drawn in by the chorizo AND rabbit. I made an excellent choice. It was basically paella in risotto form, all moist and thick and rich and amazing.

We tried to convince ourselves that we could eat a dessert, but we finally accepted that we were far beyond full. And the missed praline carrot cake is just a reason to return.