I’ve been adopted! Virtually. Dine & Dish set up a veteran-baby blogger mentoring program of sorts. My new blog-mama is Andrea Meyers, a Saveur-loved blogger from DC. Her blog is chock-a-block full of fresh, often healthy, yummy sounding recipes like strawberry lavender lemonade, brown butter popcorn, and a pretty spinach avocado salad. Andrea often goes vegetarian-vegan cooking for her family, but still throws in prosciutto with her green beans from time to time. Also, she started Grow Your Own, a blog event about homegrown food and the dishes that come out of backyard or even window-box gardens. Blogging for a good long while, she seems to have tons of dedicated followers and a massive collection of beautifully blogged recipes. Check her out!

We did little e-mail interviews, here’s her answers to my Q’s.

You wake up in the middle of the night, starving. What do you make?

I’m not really one to wake up in the middle of the night, but staying up late working is another story. I rarely get hungry late at night, but if I do I just drink a glass of milk.

Top three meals of all time.

1.   Real sticky barbecue ribs served with all the sides, preferably outdoors on a picnic table. (favorite meal)

2.   Dinner with food blogger friends at Contigo, San Francisco. (good memories)

3.   Dinner with food blogger friends at R & G Lounge, San Francisco. (more good memories)

Eat out or cook in?

Cook in mostly. We eat out about once a month.

Favorite kind of cookies?


Chocolate or Vanilla?

Depends on my mood.

You have to cook in just one style (Italian, Basque, Thai, etc.) forever. What’s it going to be?

My husband and boys would choose Italian, but for me it would be a toss up between Mexican and Chinese.

Favorite fruit?

Avocado, but plums come in a close second.

Do you get more inspiration from: 1. Blogs 2. Cookbooks 3. Restaurants 4. Food Mags 5. Elsewhere

Cookbooks first by a slight margin, then a combination of blogs, food magazines and travel.

Anything you’ve eaten traveling that you craved for ages but could never re-create just right?

It took forever for me to get Ajiaco Bogotano right because of the ingredients. Guascas, the herb that flavors the soup, is considered an invasive weed in the U.S. and no one grows it that I know of. The tiny yellow potatoes that dissolve and thicken the soup, papas criollas, are notoriously difficult to find outside Colombia, and other yellow potatoes are not exact substitutes. And finally the U.S. sweet corn doesn’t have the same taste or texture as the traditional Colombian mazorca. I’ve managed to come pretty close, though.

Street food or Michelin starred restaurant?

Street food, definitely, though I would like to eat at a Michelin starred restaurant once in my lifetime.

Why do you think going Vegan/Vegetarian has gotten so popular in the last few months?

Interest in vegan/vegetarian has grown for many years, and I believe it’s mostly due people talking openly about it and what it means.

Any guilty pleasure foods? Mac and cheese from the box? Oreos? Orange Fanta?

Nutella on a spoon, Haribo gummy candies.

You’re forced to go to McDonalds, what do you get?

Coffee, although during the holidays I might get an eggnog shake.

Summer favorite? Winter favorite?

For summer, dinner on the grill with ice cream for dessert, and in the winter it’s all about soups.

Top three reasons food bloggers rock.

Passion, commitment, talent. There are some truly amazing food bloggers that inspire me every day.

Celeb chef shows, what’s your opinion?

I prefer to watch chef shows that give the viewers opportunities to learn rather than just observe contests.

So. There you are. More to come. (P.S. Here’s her post on moi.)