My P’s arrived here in the woods day before yesterday, and they came bearing foodstuffs. Like fancy salami, feta, melon, and oh, a lamb shoulder. And I came home from work and there was my dad, reading Ad Hoc at Home, loving on Keller for his braised beef and pork belly and all matter of heavenly proteins. And then we all chatted about scallops and chickens and pies. Then the next day we paddled across the lake to our not-very-secret secret beach and talked about morels. I have got a hungry little family and I like it a lot. Photo of the remnants of a stellar potato salad: potatoes, eggs, fresh peas, mama-grown basil,dressing, other good stuff. Went along with agrodolce-d chicken thighs. Agrodolce, sweet and sour, but I like to think of it as angry sweet. There’s a good little food caricature there, possibly a raging little sugar cube.