We took a break from driving and spent an extra day in Manhattan KS, where we got a full city tour from my aunt and cousin. Lunch and crowning gem of the tour was Nelson’s Landing, a little diner-y place in Leonardville, a dusty little mini-town. Cousin Wendy had raved about the sweet potato fries, Aunt Betsy about the pies. Both lived up to the hype. Crunchy and salty on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside, dipped in honey mustard, it was hard not to scarf down the fries in seconds. We all kept pie in mind during lunch, leaving bits of burger and bunches of fries uneaten in preparation for wedge-shaped dessert. Wendy got banana cream, her super sweet marshmallowy favorite, Mama and Betsy shared a pretty slice of blueberry pie, and I had peach, undisputedly the weirdest. Shortbread crust and tart fresh peaches encased in neon peach gelatin and topped with a melting orb of Cool Whip. Somewhere between alien fare and Betty Draper’s 1959 kitchen, but really good. Not too sweet, and cooly refreshing on a hot dry Kansas afternoon.