America’s 59th Tastiest Place to Eat, Anne’s number one weirdest place to eat. Munchies 420, plastered with inappropriate bumper stickers and old polaroids, providing the ultra-classy with deep-fried goods from 4:20 PM ’till 4:20 AM. A trek down Tamiami brings you to this hole-in-the wall, the fryer scent wafting across the highway, drawing in the masses to huddle underneath the dusty Christmas lights around the three cramped tables. After a moment of gawking and giggling, we ordered: onion rings, fried mozzarella sticks, fried cheesecake (with chocolate sauce, of course), fried mac n’ cheese (with nacho faux-cheese sauce for dipping, of course), fried mini apple pies, mini corn dogs (confession: my order, confession number two: I loved them) and a bacon quesadilla. And after a long stand-about, our names were finally called and we received our hot styrofoam boxes of fatty, fatty joy. We were very surprised to find Alex’s quesadilla un-fried. But not to worry, the bacon brought it up to par in terms of fat content.

This charming oddlington was on the “Fire in the Hole” Wall of Fame. Champion of a really complex wing-eating competition. Rules include (but are certainly not limited to) one cannot pull the meat off the wings, one must eat it “corn on the cob style.” No water, no vom-ing.

Just a glimpse of the deep-fried smorgasboard. We had to guess what everything was, so you do too.