Florida is about as south as you can get in Americaland, yet it’s just not very southern. It’s a weird phenomenon, but if you’ve been to Florida… You know. Down here you’ve got to go north to go south. (Maybe because a good portion of the FL population is northern imports.) Despite all this non-Southern-ness, there are a few Dixie little things that have trickled down. Super sweet sweet-tea for one, and pulled pork another. Lots of funky little roadside BBQ spots, lots of “Insert-Name’s Famous BBQ.” And best of all Nancy’s BBQ, a pop-up place that in the know Sarasotans know and love deeply. Though she’s opening up a more permanent shop soon, up until now we’ve had to wait for Twitter updates to find her tasty Carolina style BBQ. It’s real real good. Soft bun, sweet smoky saucy pork. What more could you want? Well… Maybe some hot dog cart peppers n’ onions. In the Halloween spirit we went to a Pumpkin Festival, which although kinda slim on the pumpkin-ness, was packed with county fair-esque food booths. One of which was a pulled pork and hot dog joint. They drew us in with free samples and the next thing we knew we were forking over wads of cash for bread and pig. Really good bread and pig. And I saw the big pan of onions and peppers for the Jersey-style dogs, and had to break convention and add some to my sandwich. …excellent choice.

Phone pic. Didn’t bring camera to very funkily picturesque pumpkin fest, fool!