Thank God Tasty and Sons is family-style, because there is no way we could have dealt with the stress of choosing just one dish each. Sweet Biscuits? Yes. Fritatta loaded with roasted vegetables? Yes. North African stews and sausages? Yes. Platters of beautiful house-cured meats? Yes, yes, yes.

Sitting at the thick wooden table amongst bunches of elated diners delighting in their perfect dishes, we ordered a breakfast board (a neighbor inspired choice,) Erin’s sweet biscuits with berry compote, Moroccan chicken hash, and a cast-iron frittata.

The breakfast board: sweet crisp apple slices (my one true love,) one perfect hard boiled egg, a hot pink mound of house-pickled beets, tough and tasty slivers of beef jerky, two intense bits of bacon, a smidge of chicken pate, a cloud of yogurt cheese with a tiny lake of olive oil, soft crusty bread, and crusty little crostinis. Yogurt cheese was so tangy and sunny, and thankfully Mark Bittman says it’s not so hard to make. Hallelujah, for I need it in my life.

Next, the sweet bitty biscuits with warm blueberry compote and a dollop of unidentifiable yet heavenly creaminess. The texture of a good ol’ fashioned southern biscuit, crunchy top and soft flaky innards, with the quiet sweetness of a high-tea scone, crumbling into a little sea of warm blueberries.

Then the Moroccan hash, a mish-mash of sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, olives, and chicken; topped with harissa cream and an over easy egg. All vegetables slightly crispy, the cream holding the tiniest bit of yogurt bite and that dark harissa spice, the egg providing a bit of an amalgam with the excellently runny yolk. Plus, brussel sprouts for brunch, could I ask for more?

A frittata, perhaps. Generous chunks of butternut squash, sweetly caramelized onions, long strips of swiss chard, and salty feta resting in airy eggs in a heavy skillet. Kate had a small out of body experience, Caroline won best restaurant finder award, and Anne just felt extraordinary bliss. Tasty and Sons, we love. Brunch version of Michael’s Genuine. Perfect shared plates in a lovely place. Sunshine streaming in from Williams Ave, hip and smiley waitresses in vintage black blouses bustling about and chatting, long open kitchen with a team of loud happy chefs plating our beautiful brunch.