Mother’s, a Portland brunch institution. Simultaneously cozy and fancy, Mother’s is full of people devouring omelettes whilst reading the paper as well as gaggles of women drinking coffee and chatting over pancakes. Our table held one order of deeply rich bacon-laden gravy and biscuits, cornflake-crusted challah French toast, and two orders of the house made lox alongside crunchy puffy bagels, thinly sliced red onions, mounds of capers, and meaty slices of tomato. I, one of the lox-eaters, heartily enjoyed my sesame bagel slathered in cream cheese and topped with a few rings of onion, covered in soft salmon, and dotted with a hundred salty capers. Happy and full, we wandered back out into the freezing cold, searching for antiques.

Beats college cafeteria bagel n’ lox by a long, long shot.

French toasty.

Sunny Mother’s.