Started off 2011 with a road trip from Florida to New Mexico, then on home for Christmas and Camie Cake and New Years Eve crab. January in Portland “independently studying” aka happily lounging around with the Redmonds and eating lots and lots. The traditional 2 Redmond birthday cakes, many home dinners, and wonderful meals out in wonderful Portland. (Foie gras at Le Pigeon… paella at Toro Bravo… biscuits and blueberries at Tasty and Sons…)

Back to sunny Florida, where I lived on grapefruit and tacos. In March the annual Larkwood International Adventure: Argentina. Spoke “charmingly” broken espanol, wished I was an Argentinian, drank a few gallons of cider, and ate more steak than I have in the past 3 years combined.

Summer finally rolled around and down to Donnelly I went, to work at a bustling little wine bar where I ate about 2 baguettes a day and learned how to make up poetic wine descriptions. Made Grandma eat kale with me and grilled everything I could. (Grilled Pizza!) Revisited my old restaurant and officially realized that I would rather eat, write about, and photograph food than prepare it.

Up to Vancouver, BC for my last semester as an undergrad. Had a few great meals in Vancouver, but mostly did extensive sushi research and ate about 5 muffins a week at my beloved and much-missed corner coffeeshop. With the help of the Killam Foundation, I went to Ottawa and Montreal, and did some serious eating in both cities with my sweet Bali friends Jackie and Bari. Incredibly cool oyster bar action in Ottawa, many beautiful brunches and a few more-than-fantastic dinners in Montreal. Lobster pasta at Liverpool House, housemade salamis at Le Comptoir.

Continued to live on avocado toast, apples, and eggs. I interned at a community garden project and got to actually get my hands in the ground (and eat a ton of ultra fresh kale.) Fell in love with Vancouver Winter Farmers Market, and cried a little as I left Canadia.

But came home to Mom-food, and all was well once more. December was spent sleeping, reading, eating, and being very very content. Momma made minestrone, Camie made Camie Cake, and we had Buddy’s game birds for Christmas dinner.

Now in Seattle, making a list of every restaurant that I must go to and delighting in filling my fridge with Trader Joes. 2011 was a wonderful year, chock-a-block full of happy changes, sweet new friends, thankfulness, yoga bliss, little blue kayak bliss, traveling, love and warmth and good good food.