Ban Krut to Prachuap Khiri Khan

Set off in the morning and biked to Prachuap Khiri Khan. It was supposed to be a shortish day (65km) but we took back roads to avoid the unpleasant highway which made it longer. We wound up biking through a national park—Google showed a road, which it was for a while, but then turned to a path, to singletrack, to a vague trail, to a tunnel of thorns. Stuart was super patient and helpful—he could tell I was crumbling. I was so hungry and tired and frustrated—and I felt like a dumb whiny kid, which just made me more and more angry and frustrated. Stuart holds it together and kind of goes into dad mode which is necessary and I appreciate—but it also makes me (irrationally) angry. I want to do things on my own but also want to flop down and cry (not unlike a two year-old.) Really, I’m not mad at Stuart, but just mad in a general way and he’s the only thing around to be mad at. I tried to pull it together and be cheerful-ish. Felt much better after some noodle soup in a tiny town and I enjoyed the rest of the ride into town.



Checked into our very nice, $21 hotel (the “De Boutique”) and napped. Walked downstairs and had a great dinner next door: fried fish bits with crispy garlic and spicy green curry with seafood. Yum. Walked around and then down to the water, where we were surprised to find a little bit of a scene, then got a dessert: fried roti with banana and egg inside, topped with condensed milk and sugar. Super yummy. The condensed milk thing here is nuts—it’s in coffee, tea, on top of everything. Whoever thought to market that stuff to Asia was a genius.

Some photos from walking around at night: