Kuala Kangsar to Parit Buntar

Up early and back on the highway toward George Town. Talked about going to Kuala Kurau, a fishing town, but kept it simple and stayed on the main road. Stopped for a drink at a little shack in front of a house—had a “Revive” and a bar from the stash. Seats were set on wooden slats over a little moat—the family’s kids were fishing in the moat, giggling and having a super cute good time. While we sat there they caught a catfish—I couldn’t believe it! They seemed equally surprised to pull something up on their line, and kind of unsure what to do with it as it wriggled around.

We rode a little further and took a long long lunch break at at Indian restaurant. Buffet kind of thing, we just pointed at what we wanted. Stuart wound up with intestines, which truly looked exactly like catfish. I had chicken and green beans and cabbage, all pretty good. There was Wifi in the restaurant, so we looked at our options and came up with a better plan. We decided to take the train from Trang, in Thailand, north to Chumphon, bike along the beach for a while, and then train from Hua Hin into Bangkok.


Biked a little further to Parit Buntar, where we got a room at the Hotel Damia. Somewhat charmless, but it had a restaurant. We took an afternoon walk through town and I got some batteries for my camera (lucky find!) and Stuart got an enormous (bucket-sized) delicious coffee drink. We also got a little crispy crepe snack filled with creamed corn and condensed milk—was surprisingly killer. Had dinner back at the hotel, and watched a fun family party unfold at the Chinese restaurant across the street.