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McCall has a surprisingly great little farmers’ market. Kids selling lemonade, the greens guy selling all my favorite things (spinach, collard greens, chard, and the best kale I’ve ever had, in all my kale adventures), cute old pair selling jams and muffins, grizzled ranch guy hawking lamb and cows that I’ve probably driven by in their living days, the famed Stacey Cakes with her irresistible smattering of tarts and pies (I succumbed to a cherry almond tart, breakfast of champions), and a couple selling tamales. Dang good tamales, chicken with green chile or pork with green, served out of of giant steaming pots stocked with seemingly unlimited goodness. Stacey Cake for breakfast, tamale for lunch, market kale for dinner.


It’s really good. I ate way too much. But not really, as it gave me true, untainted, extraordinary joy. Apples, which we all know I love deeply in a very American way, caramel, and flaky pastry. Could not be improved upon in any way at all. Except perhaps when topped by a cold whipped cream made tangy with sour cream and a dash of lemon and perfected with a smack of raw sugar. The honey-brown apples over the soft pastry, combined with this melodiously smooth creaminess, ringed with the sugary overhang of the crust. Thank you France. And Kate.

“Oh, two tartes, one for tomorrow!” you’re thinking. No. Ate both. Simply had to.