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Spring has finally arrived. I think. Not today, today is gray and damp and could very well be November. But. It was here, the sun, turning Seattle into an entirely different city; a shiny city full of people who own t-shirts and shorts and do things like smile. When the sun finally came, I swear, a darkness lifted not just from the city but from every single Seattleite’s soul. We are better people in the sunshine. We sing alongĀ  in the car and take on big hikes in the afternoon, we go to the beach (which we all forgot even existed in our lake- and sea-bound town) and bask in the still not-so-warm but we’ll-take-what-we-can-get-warm-enough sunlight. We stop needing to eat scones and muffins to distract ourselves from the gloom. We start coming back to life. Spring, thank God!

Mt. Si Hike with Madeline:


4 miles, 4,000 ft = many many snacks.


Dear Madeline.


Rainier view, hiker chicks’ reward.

Madison Beach with Logie:


Sweet Log.


Cheap Uwajimaya deli sushi. I eat so much of this, statistically I am bound to get horrible food poisoning one day. But, till then, who cares!


And we pray, not for new
earth or heaven, but to be quiet
in heart, and in eye clear.
What we need is here.

Wendell Berry (my man)

(Turkey post soon! Grilled anchovies. Doner kebabs. Unidentified lamb bits.)


Granola is such a big part of my life these days. I’ve always been a little bit of a breakfast routine freak (the year of the poached egg and avocado toast combo) and I have to say it has definitely gotten worse. There’s room for variation in the toast-egg equation, but now it’s plain Trader Joe’s Euro-style yogurt (with one big scoop of Greek yogurt), a big dust of cinnamon, half an apple, chopped up, and a giant happy heaping handful of Laura & Anne’s World Famous Granola. Laura is my lovely roommate, and though she’s got a lot going for her (she bakes muffins a whole lot…), the best thing about her is that she taught me to make granola. Not just regular ol’ hippie-nickname granola, the best granola. Ever. We have good times playing with the recipe, adding extra nut butter when we’re feeling rebellious, extra maple syrup when we’re feeling decadent. (We live large over here in Magnolia.) And we’re both total addicts. Wake up: granola. Home from work: granola. Dessert: granola. It’s that good. And no, I will never give anyone the recipe, because my back-up plan for life is to sell granola at the farmers’ market. So a delightful Seattle Sunday for a kinda lazy homebody: go to yoga, bake granola, do laundry, go for a walk and take pictures of flowers in the last little bits of sun.

This batch: almonds (chopped annnd slivered), pecans, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, magic, joy, bliss, sunshine, cranberries and cherries.

It was surprisingly sunshiney on Sunday, and I know I’ve talked about this many a time, but sunshine here in the forsaken Northwest is about eighty million times more blissful than sunshine in Florida or other, more Vitamin D-blessed, places. When it’s sunny I feel like I have to rush outside as fast as possible and soak all the goodness into my light-starved little self. Which is great, except that it keeps on being sunny every single afternoon (after the bleakest mornings that ever existed) and sometimes I would like to just lie on the couch and watch Freaks and Geeks without having the sun creep in on me, making me feel guilty. So, Sunday, I kind of wanted to read magazines and eat granola… but the sunshine guilted me I brought out the ol’ camera and romped around the (very hilly) ‘hood for an hour or so, taking pictures of flowers. As the cool kids do.

Dried out cherry blossoms, pre-walk:

New perky cherry blossoms, post-walk: