So, I’ve just been to New York. Where I did many things, but primarily, I ate. I spent a couple days in Brooklyn with my Uncle Chris, where there was great Vietnamese and cafe food to be had, but on my first morning in SoHo I walked the half a block to Cafe Habana, a very neighborhood-y diner spot on the corner or Prince and Elizabeth. I hopped up on a bar stool and was handed a menu full of delicious, delicious things. Of course there were the pancakes and regular eggs and so on, but that just couldn’t be ordered at a place called Cafe Habana. I mean, really. So I got huevos con chorizo and black beans. I expected fried eggs with chorizo, but it was far better than what I expected– eggs scrambled with ground chorizo into a glorious breakfast. A little bite of spicy chorizo eggs, a little bite of beans, a little sip of soy latte. Life is good.

On to cafe #2. Cafe Gitane, just a block from Habana. A French/Moroccan place full of hipsteroos. I went twice, once before flea market-ing with Uncle Chris (I found many treasures: hundred+ year-old cigar box, old photos of strangers doing strange old-fashionedey things, and a great comic book), and once for lunch before making my way to JFK. Fist time around I had waffles, which were covered in a yum pile of bananas and strawberries, and the second time I had baked eggs with tomato and basil, which was a-mazing. And one of those things I think I could easily recreate: three eggs in a little dish, some cream, tomato sauce, basil, bake, scoop onto baguette slices. Shazam.

And some various and sundry unrelated but kind of food-related shots which I like.