My dad is the kim chi master. You would never guess this… all I can ever remember Pops cooking is steak and french toast. Maybe burritos but that’s it. But somehow my family got all addicted to kim chi, and Dad is the #1 super best kim chi maker. We all kinda wish we were Korean. ‘Daddy-o Kim Chi’ is way better than store kim chi. Fo’reals. Very spicy and very crunchy, and not too much cabbage. …I think if I divulged the recipe I’d be disowned.

Pre- kim chi-ed cabbage.

Giant jar.

Now we have to wait for a long-ish time, the hardest part of the whole deal. But soon, kim chi and eggs, kim chi soup, kim chi and steak, kim chi for breakfast-lunch-dinner, kim chi sandwiches, kim chi ice cream.