I haven’t posted in a hideously long time. Because. I have been:
-Going to work like a little working thing.
-Reading confusing books that make me feel funny for Buddhism class.
-Reading dull books about Sumerians for History class.
-Making challah. Then making French toast with what may be the driest loaf of bread on this planet.
-Trying to make sabayon ten times and never succeeding and almost crying at work. And also wasting enough eggs to make an omlette the size of New Hampshire.
-Making it ok-ish at home and pouring it over a tart crust made out of Thomas K’s cookie dough and peaches.
-Roasting a chicken for the first time.
-Drinking iced tea at Fogglifter.
-Hanging out with the very missed Redmonds.
-Eating pounds and pounds of cherries.
-Trying to re-create the Spanish bocadillo with baguettes and salami and a lot of butter.
-Fretting about moving to a kitchen-less dorm and looking up those stand-alone gas burners.
-Talking to G on the phone about our imaginary future pie shop, “Annabelle and Sweet G’s.”
-Mooning over Kitchen-Aids. They have an ice cream maker attachment AND a pasta maker attachment.
-Reading in Saveur about markets and dreaming of becoming a joyous strawberry farmer.