I’m home, and it is a beautiful thing. Kinda. I’m a little bored. But aside from that, home is lovely. Best pal LP is home, had a bomb (as always) Greek salad (extra kalamatas) at Mikeys with Morgs, rode my bike to One World for coffee with SD (trying to recreate our McCall Fogglifter stops), got a haircut (this is big), and have hung out on the deck eating good Mama-dinners and chatting with the P’s a whole lot. And a Nectar stop with M & D, the Levy’s, and LP. Lots of new stuff on the menu, was having a horrible time deciding what to get, but twasn’t a problem, as Chef Eric sent out a little tester of everything I was dreaming of, as if he could read my hungry little mind. I ordered the pork skewers with panzanella and a beet salad, Bud and Camie split the creamy risotto, M&D both got a caprese-esque salad and something else but I can’t remember what. I was torn between the risotto (spotted with prosciutto and topped with creme fraiche) and the pork (brined in something and atop that good, bready, panzy) annnnnd the linguine (crowned -thesaurus- with confit tom sauce and basil.) Got the pork, needed me some protein, and was promised a bite of someone’s risotto. Not to worry. Got the linguine as an appie, a little tester of risotto with my dinner, and even a bite of the “Idaho ratatouille” that was with the halibut (I think.) Wohoo! Ex-intern is a good person to be! The linguine was totally doing it for me. I don’t really know what it was about it exactly, but it was so very very very good. And the pork, oh so tender and just tasty. Stuffed it in on top of all that pasta, a smidge of risotto, a passel of clams, bread and butter, roasty ratatouille, the beety-walnuty salad, and a bunch of bites of caprese + cucumber salad. Good food and good company. Lauren told us BYU stories, Buddy told us stories from the other end of the spectrum. I visited the kitchen and felt cooler than everyone else in the restaurant, waltzing back in there. We planned Florida trips. We all talked over each other. It was good.

Buddy and LP. Weird/Good expressions by both parties.

Buddy’s super special add anchovies caesar in the back, bread, clams, beet sal. Soft nice Nectar light cast over it all.

Incredulous Dad.

p.s. Noticed the new domain? Just annacotta.com these days! Like a real grown-up! Woop woop!