NYT and Frommers, as well as real humans, recommended Ibu Oka’s, a little warung near the center of Ubud famous for suckling pig. After a tour of the Ubud palace we crossed the street to the crowded restaurant for lunch and all ordered a 26,000 Rupiah “Spesial.” Which is a basket lined with wax paper and filled with rice (of course), spicy chopped vegetables, mildly suspicious sausage-like things, and the crowning glory; big slices of fresh suckling pig. All topped with spicy smashed chilies. I struggled with a fork for a bout 30 seconds then switched to the bare hands method. A bite of pork, a bite of rice, a bite of feisty veg. Very tasty. And a cool scene, surprising full of locals despite the great amount of Frommer-toting tourists.

Dad’s favorite- Bintang, and my favorite- Tehbotol.

Mmmmm… Medicinal Tehbotol in the hot heat.

We practically snatched the baskets right out of her hands.


Oh, yum.

And just as we were wondering what they would do when they inevitably ran out, this dude showed up on his moped, toting half a pig. On his head.