Ipoh to Kuala Kangsar

I was disappointed to wake up with a still-puffy foot. But off we went to Kuala Kangsar anyhow. We backtracked south a little bit to get on a road that went up through a valley, along a river. Stopped for a roti-curry  breakfast in a cute town. The morning hours are so precious, so cool and calm. Bought some cookies and nuts and waters and headed off into the valley. Really pretty, and a great road—hilly but not crazy. We tucked off on a few little roads into villages, rode along the river and stopped under a big thorn tree for a break. Watched fishermen go by in motor boats, looked fun. So lush here, just never ending green. Beautiful flowers, hibiscus and jasmine.

About 15km from Kangsar I got really tired and achy. My butt really hurt. Tired. Hot. Very tough last few kilometers. But we found the Kangsar Hotel, right in the thick of things. 73 ringgit (about $18) for a clean room with the Fox Movie Channel and a bathroom with all purple appliances—our first shower-is-the-whole-room bathroom of the trip.

I’d been worrying about making it north on time, and not wanting to say anything because I didn’t want to stress Stuart out, or rain on the fun. But finally mentioned it, and I  felt bad. It made Stuart unhappy to think of the trip ending—made me sad too. Tough evening of trying to cheer each other up. But we went to the nearby market and had tons of great snacks: fried chicken, satay (in a bag with cucumber and sauce) and samosas. Yummy. Found a neat outdoor restaurant—big seating area with five or six vendors and had a beer before heading home.